Inventory Management for the Workshop of the Future


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ToolNet is a solution for digitalizing the processes around handling and managing tools, equipment and other relevant assets directly or indirectly required for vehicle service and repairs. It is a software-as-a-service and state-of-the-art software solution, which can be accessed through a responsive design on a wide range of devices.

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Features and functionalities:

  • Inventory Management: Manage all your tools and equipment with storage location, condition, status, and many more. Get the latest tool information centrally 
  • Compliance Check: Compare Inventory against OEM tool standards and find the gap
  • Maintenance& Calibration Tracking: Get reminders and notifications for required calibration days
  • Tool Sharing: Find, share and send tools between workshops to bridge short term tool needs
  • Many more features help your workshop becoming more efficient through digitalization

Problems the workshops face on a daily basis: 

  • No visibility of workshop assets for dealerships, OEMs and Chains
  • Workshop is missing assets (tools)
  • Tools often not included in workshop workflow in a digitalized way
  • High upfront investment of dealership

Benefits for the customers:

  • Reduce repair Downtime
    • Scheduling required tools usage helps avoid downtime because of unavailable tools. 
  • Increase Tool Utilization & Tracking
    • Check-in / out of tools provides proper tracking and accountability. Know where your tools are, who used them, etc.
  • Maximize Service Readiness
    • Insight into the dealers‘ tool inventory. Automatic OEM tool and equipment compliance assessments (quick tool check to support recall campaigns). 

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