VCI Solutions for OEMs

Diagnostic solutions for you

For over 30 years Bosch has supported vehicle manufacturers and their authorized workshops worldwide with diagnostic equipment such as

  • Vehicle communication interfaces
  • ruggedized and non-ruggedized tablets
  • trolleys
  • docking stations
  • monitors

Bosch’s diagnostic solutions are pre-configured with your diagnostic software, manuals and recovery feature. Via an innovative cloud solution, the latest software is automatically distributed globally.

With our experience in developing diagnostic equipment, successful deployment of over 500,000 devices for more than 25 OEMs globally, we support OEMs with tailor-made diagnostic solutions.


Bosch VCIs & Downloads

The Bosch VCIs offer OEMs flexibility for current vehicle architectures as well as a growth path for the future including DoIP and CAN-FD.

Go to infos and downloads for our Bosch VCIs: The MTS 65xx series


Your benefits

  • Low investment volumes thanks to customized tools based on proven standard product platforms
  • Broad industry experience and automotive system know-how
  • Application experience ranging from mobility use cases, workshop diagnostics
  • Bosch provides you with all services around diagnostic solutions ranging from tool development, authoring, and kitting to global order management, distribution and wide range of after sales services.


Global Service and Support

Bosch operates a global service center network, which includes 13 regional repair centers. These regional centers support both traditional “return for repair” models as well as “advanced exchange” repair models.

Bosch also operates first level call centers to support OEM dealership end users.